Have you ever found your photographer recommending a neutral colour scheme for your outfits? Despite my appreciation for vibrant hues, there's a rationale behind why photographers adore a neutral palette. Consider the following reasons:

  • Ease of Coordination: Neutrals make coordination a breeze. With a limited range of neutral options such as white, off-white, beige, tan, soft grey, or a subtle blue, assembling outfits for a family photoshoot of five becomes effortlessly straightforward. Stick to neutrals for seamless coordination.

  • Light Reflection: Neutrals reflect light effectively. Bright colours tend to reflect sunlight, and since optimal lighting is crucial in every session, neutrals help enhance the focus of the lens. Additionally, neutral outfits act as reflectors, bouncing light onto other family members' faces, preventing undesirable shadows.

  • Flattering for Most Skin Tones: Neutrals complement a variety of skin tones. Fair-skinned individuals might lean towards clean whites or soft greys, avoiding neutrals with yellow undertones. On the other hand, individuals with olive or darker skin tones can effortlessly pull off a wide range of neutrals.

  • Versatility Across Seasons: Neutrals transcend seasonal boundaries. Whether it's Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, neutrals work seamlessly. To add a touch of seasonality, incorporate one or two outfits with hues like burnt orange or sage green for Autumn or soft lavender /blush for Spring while keeping the overall palette neutral.

  • Beautiful Printing Results: Neutrals shine when it comes to printing family or engagement photos. Unlike bright colours that may appear distorted or dark colours that might look overly shadowy, neutrals print beautifully. Choosing neutrals ensures that your printed photos will look stunning and elegant when displayed on your walls!

Extra tips - try and avoid clothing choices with prominent logos and graphics as they detract from the overall image.