About Me

posed family photograph in the sand dunes at the beach

Welcome - I'm Kirsten

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hello! I'm Kirsten, the photographer behind Kirsten Smart Photography. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, I specialise in natural light photography. While I enjoy capturing a wide range of subjects, being a mother of three has drawn me towards newborn and family sessions.

My ultimate goal is to create stunning images that truly showcase the special bond, love, and individuality of your family. As a mother myself, I've come to understand the importance of capturing every moment, big and small, as children grow and change rapidly.

During my sessions, I strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere filled with laughter, movement, and those precious quiet moments filled with snuggles. I believe in capturing genuine moments as they unfold, allowing kids to be their authentic selves and taking the time to help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. Children, being so unique, always bring something special and different to each session.

I take immense pride in preserving those special memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. If you resonate with my work, I'd love to have a conversation with you! Let's chat and discuss how I can capture the beautiful essence of your family.

Kirsten xx